Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt, Professional Speaker & CEO NB Networks says:

"Phil's Social Media expertise is outstanding. Just a week after his workshop we closed a six digit business deal based on the techniques he taught me."
Transform The Social Media Results For Your Speaking, Coaching & Consulting Business In Easy Steps
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Speakers, Coaches & Consultants Who Are Successful With Social Media Have A Plan!  Transform Your Social Media Results With Our Unique Planning Tool!
Without a written plan, any 'success' with Social Media will be by accident at best.  Use our unique Social Media planner to identify key
goals for your business and see how Social Media can support your client proposition and project you as credible, professional, authoritative and expert.
Here's How It Works
1.  Think About Your
Business & Goals
Our planning tool prompts you to think about how you attract & serve your clients in new ways...
2.  Create Powerful Ideas
Our interactive PDF records your goals and
guides you with proven ideas...
3.  Build Your Plan!
You'll identify key activities on Social Media that will support your business goals and client proposition...
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Social Media Planner Now & Get Started!
If until now you have been following the crowd and not had any clear plan as to how best to use Social Media in your speaking, coaching and consulting business, here’s your opportunity to transform your results.  

Simply download your personal Social Media Planner and then work through the notes, examples and exercises to create and identify your plan.  When complete, your Social Media plan will transform how you are perceived online and make you look:

   * Credible
   * Professional
   * Authoritative
   * Expert

Works on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.  Normally $225 but we're really excited to offer it to you for only $27 when you purchase today.   Instant access to the PDF planner and includes FREE specimen Social Media plan.

Important >>  Packed with proven techniques, this professional grade strategy planner helps busy speakers, coaches and consultants like you to plan and prioritise their Social Media activities.  

Without a clear and practical plan, your success with Social Media will be hit and miss at best.  This powerful template breaks down the key aspects of Social Media, so that you can build a plan that is bespoke to you and your business alone.

Normally $225 - only $27 today!
Plus - FREE Specimen Social Media Plan For Speakers, Consultants & Coaches Included!
"Our overall numbers in Social Media sales DOUBLED less than a month after Phil's class.  If anyone wants to know about Social Media, LinkedIn and how to use it for business - book Philip!"
Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt, Professional Speaker
CEO NB Networks
Works For Professional Speakers, Coaches & Consultants Worldwide

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